11/08/10 : Are you aware of the free business advice at your fingertips in Aberdeen?

Check out Business Gateway's Events List at !

Are you aware of the range of events available locally in Aberdeen City and Shire? We weren't, until we recently paid a visit to Business Gateway. So we thought we would share this information with you, all of which can be found on their website at

New business start up – through the website, training courses and Advisory support (01224 289 725). They can provide Advisory support for up to 18 months after a business has started if they plan to be VAT registered.

High growth businesses can access Scottish Enterprise financial product through ourselves (min t/o increase is £400k over 3 years).

Existing businesses can access training courses and advisory support through short, surgery style appointments.

All support is fully funded so no cost to passed on to their clients.

Pop along to their website to get more information.

We shall be adding their courses to our events page. CLICK HERE to access them!

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Gas Safety Register Advises Homeowners to Beware of Bad Gas Workmanship

Tackling DIY is fun, and can bring a great sense of achievement, but over-stepping the mark and dabbling with gas without the correct training can be costly, and could cost you your life. Figures released by the Gas Safety Register found that:

  • Around 100,000 projects, including kitchen and conservatory extensions, have left property owners with dangerous and illegal gas work that they knew nothing about;
  • One in seven projects were 'immediately dangerous', requiring appliances to be disconnected straight away to prevent fire, explosion or poisoning.

In all of these cases, homeowners had given the work to a builder who had subcontracted to an illegal fitter. Some homeowners, confident in their DIY ability may be tempted to tamper with gas as a “quick fix” or if they are trying to complete a job within a short space of time. However, spending a few hundred pounds and finding the right person with experience and qualifications is worth it – particularly when it comes to saving lives.

Phill Brewster, national investigations manager at the body, said: "Homes are under threat from shoddy workmanship as a result of rogue traders."

He advised people to always find out whether work will involve changes to the gas supply and to make sure that whoever is doing it is properly licensed.

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15/08/10 : TradesAdvisor gets on its bike for its members!

Fantastic promotion for all our members down in the town! We've been out and about this weekend, this time down at B&Q and the City Centre.

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17/08/10 : TradesAdvisor announces winner!

Congratulations to Rachel Gordon on winning the garden bench at Banchory Show

Ella Gordon (7) from Westhill enjoys trying out the new garden seat her mother, Rachel, won at the Banchory Show.  Rachel correctly guessed the number of balloons in the TradesAdvisor Landrover.  The competition raised £100 for the Forget-Me-Not Club dementia support.


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19/08/10 : TradesAdvisor appears in the Deeside Piper
Congratulations to Rachel Gordon on winning our competition and guessing how many balloons were in the TradesAdvisor Landrover!
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