DIY is a great way of saving money and for most, cutting costs will seem like a welcome idea. The old saying “buy cheap, buy twice,” has never been truer than when it comes to buying tools. If you buy cheap tools, the chances are that you’ll be replacing them sooner rather than later. Brand name tools ensure quality and often come with a warranty so could work out cheaper in the long run. Ever had to pick paintbrush bristles off of the wall you are painting or rounded off a screwdriver trying to get that stubborn screw out? Inferior tools such as screwdrivers and spanners are usually made of a much softer metal than their more expensive counterparts and will round off or wear out much quicker. Safety is another reason to be cautious when buying tools. Steer clear of cheap tools that could cause injury such as chisels and always be wary of power tools with a high rpm such as angle grinders. Tradesmen will always buy top quality and their experience speaks for itself. Think of buying tools as an investment and always buy the best that you can afford. There are various online retailers that offer brand name tools cheaper than your lowest priced unknown brand so it pays to shop around - which is exactly what you can do on

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