How can TradesAdvisor benefit my trades business?

You are here because you understand the benefit of promoting your company online and to a targeted audience of online users looking for your services ... but how do you do it? How do you tap into those looking for your services online? has been developed specifically with this in mind!

We launched in 2010 and since then, we have been developing tools for our members to promote themselves to residents locally and across Scotland. In Aberdeen alone, we received 7,000 visits per month (during 2015) from over 5,000 unique visitors per month potentially looking for your services ... that's a powerful message!

In fact, so far ...

Reviews: 4276
Jobs posted: 14040

That doesn't include all the direct enquiries to our trades members and all those those enquiries made by telephone! 

Across our website and our events throughout Aberdeen we have grown to have almost 500 clients, promoting their services to local home improvement enthusiasts. We have received a significant number of enquiries from other regions in Scotland that, 2016 sees TradesAdvisor stretch across Scotland and offer the same level of service to a larger community of tradesmen in different geographic regions.

So how much does an annual subscription cost?

We keep our pricing deliberately simple. We have one annual subscription rate of £300+VAT. No additional charges for job referrals or the volume of work you get through the website! Our members that use the service properly and collect reviews find that their Return on Investment is hundreds, if not thousands, of percent. But don't ask us, ask them!

... and what do I get?

  • Your own webpage for 12 months;
  • Unlimited access to e-mailed and SMS'd referrals;
  • Your own reviews webpage and we help you store these on your own website too!
  • In-page e-mail enquiry function;
  • Photo Gallery;
  • Search Engine Optimisation of your webpage;
  • Free Review Pads;
  • Free Van Stickers;
  • All the benefits of continued marketing and advertising undertaken directly by TradesAdvisor;
  • The list goes on and on ...

The trick to making TradesAdvisor work for you ...

  • By far the most important is get regular reviews!;
  • Take time to create your profile, list all the services that you provide, upload gallery images of work completed and ask recent customers to leave feedback on your new profile page;
  • tradesadvisor tradesmanUpdate your profile once a month with new information, any discounts you are offering, affiliations with any suppliers and update your gallery profile;
  • When you complete work, ask your customers to go online to TradesAdvisor to leave you feedback on how you performed. Show them the website and help them if they need support;
  • The trick to getting the most of out of TradesAdvisor is to keep your profile updated and getting as many testimonials from your clients as you can. The more testimonials you receive, the more exposure you get on the website, through social media and the more likely future prospective clients will choose you over your competitors!
  • TradesAdvisor acts as a one-stop-shop to find local rated trades for FREE. Many of our members are now using TradesAdvisor to find sub-contractors to offload work to when they get too busy ... it's a no-brainer.

... and remember, the more you put into TradesAdvisor, the more you will get back.  

TradesAdvisor is proven to work for our members, by generating sales and building business. Read what people are saying about us by clicking HERE.

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