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March 25, 2014    
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If you are thinking about a new bathroom then please read this & rethink! This saga has been ongoing for over 6 months. Having paid nearly £8,000 for our new bathroom & the 2nd highest quote we got this was not the experience we expected or would want anyone else to have. In the end, the only way we got a result was by contacting trading standards who helped us enormously.
From start, actually before they even started, this has been one nightmare after another.
●plans received (after numerous requests & phone calls) 2 days before work commenced.
●no breakdown of work to be carried out or individual costinks.
●day one & employee had gone into upstairs bedrooms including my son's, unplugged a phone charger from bedside for his own use!
●tried to patch plaster walls when we had been told & quoted for replastering.
●attempted to use regular plasterboard instead of water resistant.
●corner sink fitted completely out of line with corner so all units had to be removed & refitted to fix it.
●non paintable silicon used between wall & ceiling/door frame so paint won't stick.
●aqua panelling on walls fitted at two different heights.
●windowsill (which was a totally different colour) was going to be left & not changed to gloss white as had been discussed in showroom. In the end my husband supplied the sill which AKAB fitted.
●incorrect threshold fitted with loose screws sof had to be replaced.
●new radiator leaked - 3 visits before removingoing.
●replacement radiator not heating up - their plumber said it was due to a blockage & left. Independent plumber sorted at our own expense.
●coating fAllington off ceiling panels - had to be removed & replaced.
●worktop blown & comingredients away at glued edges after 2 months in situ. Whole worktop had to be changed ( after lots of discussion about paying extra)
●silicon coming away from bath (4 month after installation ) so water had started to penetration causing wet wall to go spongy.
●unwilling to replace as silicon work only guaranteed for 3 months.
●after AKAB came to look at this we then recElveden a 'signed for' letter from them stating their terms & conditions & offering their services to replace the damaged wet wall by supplying a written quotation.

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